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Throughout Columbus and the surrounding area, Sympatico has built a reputation for excellence in private care based on exceptional service, value, and attention to detail. We value relationships and strive to cultivate positive connections with the individuals and families we serve. Utilizing a combination of our experience, our dedication to respect and dignity, and input from families, we are able to create a plan of care that meets your unique needs.

Improve Quality of Life with Home Health Aides

With a home health aide, it’s possible to maintain normal daily habits and activities, regardless of physical or health-related limitations. Our aides can provide individualized attention to a wide variety of patients, offering temporary assistance as needed or 24-hour supervision to provide safety and stability around the clock.

You and your family deserve the peace of mind that only Sympatico Healthcare Solutions can bring. Offering top quality caregivers and a collaborative approach to care management customized to your personal health and wellness, we can ensure a positive experience for individuals and families alike.

Health Care Expertise

Access to a qualified caretaker can provide valuable opportunities for those in need of home care. The support of a home health care professional can improve quality of life for those with illness, disability, and dementia, ensuring the care and compassion your family needs. Providers are available on an as-needed basis or as a part of your long-term care plan.

Qualified caretakers are always just a phone call away. Contact us today to learn more.

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We believe in a holistic approach when treating our patients. Our highly qualified staff will develop a custom-tailored plan of care that aligns with your goals now and for the future.


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